more Hawaii

… because I really can’t stop thinking about how beautiful it all was!

This was the view of my DH the entire time:

I took a ton of close up photos for texture and color inspiration.   I love rust, and found this interesting section on a rusty truck.  To me, it looked like the rusty letters of my favorite husband’s name:

I grew up seeing Deer Crossing signs along the highway.  On the big island, you see Goat Crossing signs.  Here’s why (at the beach!!!):

I was hoping to find some stray angora tufts to spin….

We stayed at the wonderful Ka’awa Loa Plantation, a beautiful guesthouse on the big island.  Michael and Greg, our hosts, were welcoming and warm.  They really thought about all the details that make a vacation special and unique, from gourmet breakfasts starring coffee made from beans they grow on the plantation, to the previously discussed outdoor showers!  Guests are welcome to share snorkeling equipment, lounge around the house at all hours, and snack on home-made treats after a hard day’s rest.

Do I sound like a travel agent for Hawaii?  Or a paid endorsement for Ka’awa Loa?  sigh.  I just wanna go back, and writing about it all allows me to experience it all over again, if only in my mind!

Here’s my tribute recipe to Greg, infamous grinder of coffee beans:

Susan’s Mahalo Blend Coffee:

  • 2 1/2 c Kona
  • 2 1/2 c Italian Roast (decaf for me)
  • 1 c Espresso, ground for drip coffee maker

Mix together, store in airtight container.  To use, add 2 Tbl. coffee per 1 cup fresh water.  Follow your coffee maker’s directions. Note:  I bought my Kona coffee in Hawaii, however on the off chance that DH won’t let me fly back to buy more,  I found Kona available in my local grocery store.  I buy decaf (use regular if you like full metal caffeine) Italian Roast coffee from Starbucks or Trader Joe’s.  I buy Espresso from Starbucks.

Drink and dream of sitting on the lanai at sunrise, enjoying ocean breezes.  Much aloha!


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