I knit a hat

Wow!  I knit an article of clothing and it fits!  Someone alert the NY Times!!

This is a wonderful fun hat to knit and wear.  It’s called the Shackleton hat; you can find the free pattern here at Weaverknits blog.  She also has some other wonderful patterns that I plan to try now that my ego has been boosted by a fitting garment. (oh yes I am too counting a hat as a garment.  hey, it fits!)

I am currently knitting a hat out of some grey home spun for my cousin Michelle (she of duct tape dress form fame).  I’m also planning to spin some funky wild art yarn for a groovy hat to wear next year during the next “cold” snap.



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5 responses to “I knit a hat

  1. It’s a Festivus miracle! lol! Just kidding, it’s totally cute!

  2. I thought you didn’t like/want to like to knit?

    Cute hat, but…does it get cold enough to wear hats??

  3. Carie Shields

    Congratulations for making something that ‘fits’. I’m agreeing with Suzanne…does it even get cold enough for a knit hat in sunny Calif.?

    • I am knitting and weaving– since I’m spinning so much yarn! It was cold enough to wear the hat a few times, although I only wore it once, since it was only cold enough once since I finished knitting. I’m sure that there will be another cold day or two next winter!!

  4. Nice hat . . . nice photo. Did DH take it?

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