Brainwashed children of spinners

My children are totally brainwashed….

I picked up DS2 from his Creative Writing class.  He told me that he had to come up with a zillion ways to pop a balloon.  I was quite impressed with his creative problem solving, especially when I tried to stump him and couldn’t.

As we turned into the driveway at my studio, a light bulb came on.   Son, how would you pop a balloon with a cotton ball?  (hah!  got him there!!)
Duh, Mom.  Open it up, spin it into yarn, then pull the yarn around the balloon until it pops.
Well, duh indeed.

Later, I heard DS2 pose the same problem to DS1.  He came up with the same solution.

Yay for me– I don’t have girls to play with in my studio, but I can still brainwash my boys!!



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2 responses to “Brainwashed children of spinners

  1. They take after their Mommy!

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