Embroidered Quilt

I adore quilting embroidered quilts– there’s such creative possibilities offered by this art form!  Here’s one I just finished for Nancy Hepp of Sew Slip.

She chose her thread colors with California  flowers in mind, and the text is Latin for “California Poppies”!

Apologies for the photos– as my friend Judy Rys says, these are snapshots, not proper photographs!

The fabric is all Dupioni silk, with a wool batting.  The silk is a dream to quilt on– don’t let the luxurious hand of the fabric intimidate you!

I chose to “underline” the text with a quilted leafy vine:

Much of the background quilting is a spiral I learned from Jo Ann Gruber’s wonderful video over at Machine Quilter’s Resource, an online group for longarm quilters.  I think the spirals add a lot of movement and life to the quilt:

The borders got a curved cross-hatch treatment.  I used Renae Haddadin’s Amazing Rays template. I also quilted into the larger flowers, which sculpted the petals.  With the small pebbling around the flowers, leaves and vase, all the embroidery work has a trapunto’ed effect.

The center vase is stitched along each “ditch”… but the ditches are really stitching lines of red thread.  Talk about a challenge!!  The empty spaces will get some beading.  And when I say beading… well, wait until I show you some of Nancy’s bead-work (in an upcoming post!).

(note:  does that inner white triangle on the red border look off-color on your monitor?  It isn’t, in real life!)

If you plan to attend any of the major quilt shows this year, please look for the Sew Slip booth.  You will get an opportunity to see the finished quilt in person, as well as meet Nancy and her husband!  Say hi for me!



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7 responses to “Embroidered Quilt

  1. I LOVE this quilt! and I LOVE this quilter lady! Your comments are way too kind as your work really MAKES the quilt!

  2. Wowzah…this quilt is gorgeous! I think that both you and the quilt maker did a fabulous job!

  3. OMG Susan, this is a masterpiece! Very striking quilt, but your quilting is spectacular!

  4. Kay in Scotland

    This is an absolute treasure..wish it was mine!

  5. AHHHHH MAZ ING!!!!!!!!

  6. Those red flowers don’t look like my California poppies… they appear much more graceful. I’m thinking your luscious quilting has something to do with that. Your designs are wonderful… and so beautifully quilted.

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