Wild Onion spinning batts

In January, I had the pleasure of giving my Wild Onion Trunk Show lecture to the Ventura County Handweavers and Spinners Guild.  I brought along a few spinning batts to show them, and they sold like hotcakes!

Here are a few that are destined to be turned into squooshy soft yarn:

I think this one is owned by my spinning buddy, Ginny:

It’s fun to experiment with my hand dyed fleece and roving, bringing my love of color and texture into a new-to-me medium!  All of my batts feature next-to-the-skin soft fleece, like merino and cormo and silk.  But even with all the fine textured wools, the batts manage to spin up into a riot of texture, if that’s what the spinner chooses.  mmmmmmmm.  I think I’m in love!


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One response to “Wild Onion spinning batts

  1. Ginny Deppe

    Yep, the first one is mine ~ all mine!! Its aptly named “Raging River” and I gaze upon it from time to time. Enjoying its unspun loveliness so much but will actually spin it up – some day.

    “Owl” is the other batt that I got from you. mmmmm… its real purdy too!

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