More presents for me

I recently posted photos of Nancy Hepp’s newest embroidered quilt, California Poppies.  Look what other handiwork this talented woman has been up to:

First, there is this adorable purse, made in the form of a food take-away box:

Look at the handle– it’s hand beaded!!  And how did she know one of my favorite colors is purple?  Clever woman!

I also hinted around about Nancy’s beading skill.  How did I know?  Look at what was tucked inside the purse:

Isn’t it gorgeous?  The beadwork is amazingly intricate, and even the clasp is a flower.  I can’t wait to get dressed up and show off my new pretties!

As an artist, I enjoy acknowledging special occasions with a hand-made item.  It is gratifying to be on the receiving end of such loving gifts, especially from such talented friends!  Thank you, Nancy– I will treasure them!



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2 responses to “More presents for me

  1. Oh wow! What a fabulous gift! Woohoo for you!

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