Sheep to Hat

A few weeks ago, some friends came to visit us, bringing their completely adorable daughter, E., with them.  Don’t get me wrong– I’m completely happy to have 2 boys.  But when a 6 year old girl starts dancing around at 8:00 in the morning, singing about going into your art studio to play…. I’m so there!!

After a tour of the place, E’s eyes lit up when she happened upon the yummy colors found in my hand dyed fleece tubs.  After picking her colors and fluffing them into a basket, we toted them over to my drum-carder.  After a quick lesson and a step stool, she was off and carding:

On her way from the tubs to the drum-carder, her discerning eye saw some sparkles in one of my Wild Onion Batts.  Oooh, she exclaimed, can I have sparkles too?   I opened my tub of Angelina packets, and she picked.  And then picked another color and another color… until I just brought the whole tub over.  Each carded pass received a different handful of Angelina.  There’s a magpie in the making– shiny shiny!!

Here’s the resulting batt, full of merino, CVM, mohair, and a strand or two of Angelina:

(note the little white dots in the photo?  Angelina reflecting the flash!!)

E. was so sweet that I spun it up the minute her family left to go back home:

(note for spinners– I plied with a single of hand dyed Corriedale roving.  I can’t remember where I got it.  Apologies to the roving purveyor!)

And while I was sitting in the bleachers at Little League, I knit her a Shackleton Hat:

If E’s mommy shares a photo of E wearing the hat, I’ll be sure to share!



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4 responses to “Sheep to Hat

  1. I love it! Since I can never decide on just one color, this is right up my alley! I hope we get to see E wearing her new hat!

  2. Oh, she is going to be so excited to get her hat made from her own custom blended yarn!

  3. Lora

    O, her little hands never stood a chance once you got the least indication she could be converted into a woolie!

  4. dawn

    Oh Susan, the impact that you have had on that little girl’s life. This is something that she will always remember and will wear that hat until it falls apart. I too have boys and love them but there is a little girl next door that is like a granddaughter to me and she comes over and we paint together. She opens my eyes to so many things that I wouldn’t have even thought of.

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