Lantern quilt

One of my customers is Kathleen Khosravi, a quilt pattern designer.  Her quilt, Lanterns in the Window, was recently shown at Market by Quiltwoman.  I was honored to quilt for her, and due to severe time restraints, we chose a fun, all-over quilting pattern, which I learned from my friend Suzanne Earley on Machine Quilter’s Resource.  I added some swirls to the quilting, which I call “Suzanne’s Paisley Swirls”.

Here’s the (almost) overall quilt– a fun to piece pattern with lots of potential for playing with fabric:

Here’s a close up of the sashing and lanterns:

I also was able to get a nice photo showing the quilting pattern on the back:

This is a great all-over freehand pattern.  I’ll use it again soon.  Thanks, Suzanne!



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3 responses to “Lantern quilt

  1. What a fun Quilt…fabrics,pattern and (of course) the quilting!

  2. Lynette

    The quilting is so amazing it reminds me of frosting. Did you use a narrow double needle?

    • Susan wrote: I quilt on a Gammill Longarm quilting machine. This quilt was quilted freehand, using a regular longarm needle (there’s currently no gadgets available to use a double needle). Thanks!

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