Wool explosion

I recently ordered wool for my spinning group.  We ordered alot of wool.  A LOT of wool.  96 pounds to be exact.  When I added it all up, I almost fainted.  I had visions of a 16 wheeler backing up to my house and dumping bags and bags into my backyard.

After a quick email to reassure me that the wool would come in only a few boxes, I placed the order.   I wasn’t completely convinced that there wouldn’t be an enormous truck pulling up to my house, but wool is pretty squishable, and the UPS man only had 3 boxes for me:

My mom happened by the next day, just as I was getting ready to open the boxes and sort all the wool.  She sat on the couch, surrounded by the newspaper and mail, chatting as I opened the first box.


Here’s what 25 pounds of wool looks like, and this is highly compressed wool (note the scientific photo with a pineapple for size comparison):

If you look closely, you can see a size difference between the compressed roving in the center of the bump, and the more relaxed roving at the top.  By the time I had sorted out the roving, that pineapple was buried!

By the time I finished sorting all the wool, I had bags full of wool, taking up every available inch of space in my living room.  My mother was curled into the corner of the couch, and I was laughing so hard I could barely see.  I hope tears don’t felt the wool!



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2 responses to “Wool explosion

  1. Oh my, you’ve got it bad!

  2. pamela price klebaum

    You are a riot! I love your blog!

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