Gag alert

Ok, this is just more than a Mommy should have to bear. First, one kid pukes in my car (technically, only a little bit on the running board. Still– all over the driveway) Poor baby, yadda yadda. Get him back to speed and back to school.

Next day:  I’m getting ready to pull out my new old spinning wheel to play and the phone rings. Yup, second kid.

He pukes all over the INSIDE of my car. I probably scared the bejeesus out of him when I was screaming “open the door, open the door”!! Luckily, I  stopped the car so he COULD open the door. He was covered in vomit, and had to strip nekkid right in the street (I had a terry bathrobe in the car from water aerobics).

Needless to say, there’s been no spinning chez Wild Onion. Lots and lots of cleaning and gagging, tho.


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