Freaking Holiday Knitting

I am knitting like a fiend these days, getting ready for the holidays. My friend Jacey calls this “freaking holiday knitting”, which I shortened to “fhk” since I don’t have any spare time to pronounce all the syllables in “freaking holiday knitting”.

Although I have taken the selfish knitter’s pledge (having learned my lesson over and over again through my quilting gifts), I will only knit for the one who gave birth to me and the one who shared the same womb as me (altho not at the same time). Those are the only 2 in my life who are knit-worthy*. Even with this short list, I feel swamped.  Gift knitting always has a time stamp on it, which kind of stresses me out!

I’m a slow knitter.  For me, it’s about the pleasure of sitting still for a while, enjoying the fiber.  I cannot multi-task while knitting– it uses both of my hands, and both of my brain cells.  So there I sit, knitting away, probably have my tongue caught between my teeth in concentration.  But I’m getting there, one stitch at a time.

notes for spinners:  baby alpaca roving from Upstream Alpacas, plied with commercial rayon boucle, spun on my Lendrum

notes for knitters:  an easy scarf, which is my own pattern!  I’m currently test knitting it, and will publish it on Ravelry as soon as I’m able.

*yes, my boys and my DH are knit-worthy.  But none of them wear sweaters, or hats, or scarves.


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