One resolution, done!

One of my knitting resolutions for 2011 was to learn how to knit socks!  I tried sock knitting early last year, and failed.  I put the yarn and needles away, and brought them out a second time, on a road trip with my friend Miki (aka Funhouse Fibers).  Miki’s a knitter, so I figured she could get me out of trouble.  Knitting trouble, that is.  She’s a very good fiber enabler, so trouble of the “buying more fiber kind” is her specialty.

Second time around?  As painful as the first!

Miki and I sponsor a forum on Ravelry (we are “FunOnion”– come visit!!).  I take my moderating job very seriously, and thus use the forum to advance my own knitting or spinning needs.  Sometime in December, I decided that I would publicly announce my sock knitting determination.  Luckily, we have several willing  and super-able members, who were fantastic cheerleaders and advice dispensers.

Ta da!  Not just one, but two whole socks.  Done and done!

Currently, I am happily knitting a pair of bright purple cotton socks to keep my tootsies warm at night.  I also have some more sock knitting scheduled.  Who knew I’d love to knit socks?!!



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2 responses to “One resolution, done!

  1. Look at you!!! A pair of socks!

    I finished Mark’s mittens last night, and wanted to work on the socks that I have been neglecting, only I can’t freaking FIND the unfinished sock. Sheesh.

  2. Ooo! Congratulations on the sock knitting! I really need to learn to do that…I love hand knitted socks! And the yarns are so cool!

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