Tree Bark Sweater

Last spring, I was captivated by a tree’s beautiful bark.  The texture and color captured my imagination, and I went to my studio to card some fiber inspired by the bark.

I then enlisted the aid of my knitting guru Mary, to help me write a simple sweater pattern so that I could use the yarn I spun from the batts.   I used large needles, as the yarn was purposefully chunky and textured:

Ta da!  Here’s the finished sweater:

More Tree Bark batts are available in my Etsy shop.  Spin thick or thin (or both)!



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3 responses to “Tree Bark Sweater

  1. Beautiful yarn and that sweater is wonderful!

  2. I am beyond impressed! I have gone so far as to buy fiber and two drop spindles. Your one post concisely represents my ultimate goal!

  3. Susan,
    This is so beautiful, at every stage.
    We miss you in Chicago!

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