Jeanette’s Vintage Hankie Quilt

A lovely customer of mine recently asked me to machine quilt her Vintage Handkerchief Quilt.  This was a custom longarm job, and I love how it turned out!

Jeanette first backed the hankies with white cotton before applique’ing them onto the larger white blocks.

Even the back of the quilt is pretty:

Jeannette’s hankies belonged to her grandmother.  What a sweet reminder of this special person!



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7 responses to “Jeanette’s Vintage Hankie Quilt

  1. Wow! What a lovely way to remember her grandmother! Beautiful quilting, as always!

  2. Gay-Lynne Anagnostis

    What a beautiful quilt…..and a great idea!

  3. Connie

    Do you make quilts for other’s using their vintage hankies? My mother passed away and I would love to have a quilt made out of her hankies. She had so many of them!

  4. Sharon

    How did you get the edges of your hankies so straight and how did you attach then the white cotton lining? Thanks – so beautiful; I have about 200 vintage hankies and want to make a quilt.

  5. Carolyn Lewis

    I use handies everyday ( I have an artifical eye and they are used to wipe my eye, kleenexs have too much lint to use them) they are hard to find with quilts being made out of them. But, I do hope that when I ‘m gone my adult daughter whom I’m teaching to quilt will use them to make a quilt. Thank you for the ideas.

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