Pat’s Peach Embroidered Quilt

It’s nice to know that after quilting for 22 years, I can still be surprised by a quilt!

I’ve had the pleasure of quilting several embroidered quilts over the years, but the one I just took off the machine was truly special.  I’ll give you the details first, then serenade your eyeballs with pretty photos!

  • I used Isacord tri-lobal poly thread, in a cream tone; I wanted a thin thread that would stand up to dense quilting patterns, while taking a backseat to the outstanding embroidery.
  • Hobbs 80/20 batting
  • Hours.  Hours and hours and hours.  Chiropractor AND massage therapist.  Worth it though!
  • Pat chose Fairy Frost fabrics for the blocks, sashing, and borders (I forgot to ask her what kind of thread she used for the embroidery– sorry!)
  • UPDATE:  Thread was Robinson-Anton.  PATTERNS:  some of the patterns came from Zundt and the circles in the middle Jenny Haskins
  • The quilt is king-sized, so I wasn’t able to get a photo of the whole quilt.  Pat plans to enter this in several shows, so when she has it photographed, I’ll ask her for a full quilt shot.  I’ll also let you know where the quilt goes, so you can look for it at a nearby show!

And now, enjoy the show!

Late breaking news!!  Pat just called with the exciting information that her quilt “Seven Dysfunctional Sisters” won Best of Show at the Denver National Quilt Festival VI!  Congratulations Pat!



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8 responses to “Pat’s Peach Embroidered Quilt

  1. I love the way you quilted this quilt! I find embroidered quilts rather difficult to work with, only because there is so much to work around. You’z fabulous!

  2. Judi

    That is a beautiful quilt and awesome quilting job. One day I only hope to be able to make feathers like that. Did you draw a spine to start. Just beautiful

    • Susan wrote: Judi, I did use plexi templates for the circle spines in the blocks, but not for the spines of the feathers in the pink sashing. It’s all done freehand, one circle/feather at a time! Thanks for your compliment– I appreciate the feather kudos!

  3. Becky Purcell

    That is simply gorgeous!! So much fine detail in the embroidery and quilting…I am sure it is a winner!!

  4. Freda Henderson

    Wow, Susan, that is fabulous! Sorry about the back.

  5. Lots of WOW factor on this project! Simply beautiful. I’m sure there will be many awards for this quilt.

  6. Deborah DeMontigny

    Pat do you sell you designs? I would love to try to tackle something like this. Probably would take me years.

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