Superspin Sunday

Having some locals over for SuperSpin Sunday. No football allowed! I have 3 super boring (note the “super”?!! who says I don’t have spirit!) projects to work on… with company, they should be bearable.

1.  another Flounce scarf for my mother’s birthday. Flounce is one of those mesh ribbon yarns– you stick your needle into some holes near one of the edges, knit a stitch, keep going on and on and on… it makes a cute ruffled scarf, but it soooooooooooo tedious. I made her one for Christmas, and she lurved it and requested another for her b-day.

I’m almost finished, I hope.
2.  still combing the black alpaca. It’s so beautiful, but I think it’s having sex in the bag, b/c it keeps growing and growing. The locks must be having babies…. And it’s black. so no color variation to keep me interested.  (no photos– close your eyes– that’s what it looks like)
3.  2 years ago (!!!) I spun some natural cream Pygora C roving and then some pale beige cashmere roving. They are stunning, but still all singles, waiting for me to decide what to ply with. In the tossing of the tubs, looking for fiber to spin for the 12lb group, I found a baggie with 5 oz of stunningly gorgeous beige alpaca/silk roving. I made faux-logs last night, and will spin today.

I know the company will be interesting, so hopefully, they’ll keep me going!


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