I missed the memo…

….that informed me that my teenagers know everything,  that I know nothing, that I am so old as to not understand modern English.  I had to learn the hard way that they know everything, that everyone who isn’t them is a bore and a boor and bugs them to distraction, and that (just to re-iterate the obvious) they know everything.


I wasn’t this dumb when they were little.



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3 responses to “I missed the memo…

  1. sarahinstitches@hotmail.com

    I often say that I look forward to the day I am smart again! I’m starting to see glimpses of that day now that my sons are 26 and 20. Good luck to you.

  2. Reall?, There is a day when we are deemed NOT the most unenlightened beings on earth? When is that? I want to be ready…..

    (a truth born by the fact that i had to type “unenlightened” about 10 times before I spelled it correctly…. GAWD!!)

  3. Oh Susan…don’t worry. You will be smart again. In fact, you will be brilliant…one of my best days was last year my daughter (24) called me after she had supervised a 3rd grade field trip to a water park. She said “Mom, I want to thank you and Dad for teaching me how to behave in public.” Yessiree, she is starting to see the light!

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