Majacraft Suzie brake band tension modification

I adore my Majacraft Suzie spinning wheel.  I would marry her if I could!  The only thing that I found difficult and that sometimes had me grinding my teeth (just like a real marriage!!)  was the very tight, precise tension on the brake band.  I found it almost impossible to adjust; spinning silk or alpaca longdraw was not a pleasant spin!

While lamenting this online one day, a Ravelry friend suggested substituting the tight spring with an elastic hair band.  It works– perfectly!  I’m so much happier with my tension, and peace reigns in the Susan/Suzie relationship.

Here’s what I did:

After cutting off the original Majacraft brake band tension spring, I tied the hairband elastic onto the end of the now-empty end of the brake band (the green cord).  I can now loop the elastic onto the tension peg.  I stuck my hand behind the brake band so that it might be easier to see:

I like the crossed configuration.  I use it for spinning and for plying, although technically, I suppose the drag is incorrect for spinning!

Other tension modifications I like:  I  only loop my yarn through one loop of the flyer clip(instead of using both clip loops) and I then go through both hooks on the flyer before getting to the delta orifice.  Works for me, and that’s what spinning is all about– making yarn!


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  1. Awesomely helpful. Thanks for posting

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