My birthday gift

Yesterday, Lynn let the cat out of the bag when she commented on my RAK bag– indeed, yesterday was my birthday, or what I jokingly refer to as the anniversary of my 29th birthday. I am now officially older than dirt, even tho I feel younger than springtime– usually.

But, enough about me. This post is really about DS2.

He is totally ga-ga over machines (duh, he’s a boy). So, last week, when DS1 was still threatening to participate in the Holiday Craft Bazaar at school (note: yippee! he got his contract in too late– which translated into English means that it’s still sitting on his dresser–so I’m off the hook for creating items which cost $6 to make, but which he sells for 50cents) Anyway, as I was saying: so, last week, both boys were introduced to the art of the sewing machine. (Machine, machine, it’s a machine. Can we play with it? NO!! Use it gently and wisely. Break it, and you won’t see the light of day until you’re 21. Ahem. ) They were sewing away, under proper adult supervision, last week.

This week, DS2 bugged me every night to sew again. Now, before you chide me for saying no, please take under advisement that he was bugging me at 9pm, which is official bedtime for the Italo boys. Or the official start of “even tho I hate my brother’s guts all day long, I have soooooo much to tell him when Mommy turns out the lights” time. Depends upon your status in the house. So I said no and no, and no again. Until he wised up and asked to use the sewing machine at 8pm. And lo and behold, the answer was yes!

He was very diligent in his sewing, and wouldn’t let me see what he was working on. When he finished, he put it under his shirt, and crab legged it out to the house.

The next day (the anniversary of my 29th birthday…), this is what he gave me:

marcus-bday-gift-blog.jpg marcus-bday-gift-close-up-blog.jpg

This is a felt eye patch– you know, the thing you put around your head, and it keeps the light out while you sleep. It is very colorful, put together with many strips of felt, and decorated with a fireball.

Kaboom! Fire on your eye! Very restful.

What warms my heart the most? Note all the decorative thread painting!

DS2 figured out how to engage the needle up/down function, and how to switch between straight stitching and zig zag stitching! Clever child. Now, I’m going to go ask him to teach me how to thread my new serger…



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4 responses to “My birthday gift

  1. I think that’s the best gift of all! I love the colors he chose, and the fireball is quite creative! 🙂

  2. Wow, WTG DS#2! What great gift…a true treasure to warm a mother’s heart…and help her sleep in! That is just priceless.

  3. dawn

    Susan, he couldn’t have given you a better gift. Very very sweet of him.


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